Navdanyas Seed Sovereignty Campaign

In 1998, when Monsanto first entered India, Navdanya started the Monsanto Quit India Campaign on 9th August “Quit India Day” when Gandhi told the British “Quit India”.

Navdanya continues the movement for seed sovereignty after having undertaken Bija Yatras (Seed Pilgrimages) through the suicide belt from Sewagram to Bangalore in the year 2006 and from Champaran to Rajghat in the year 2009.

We are undertaking another Bija Yatra through Rajasthan from Quit India day (9-13 August, 2011) where the Government has signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Monsanto. This MOU is a Great Seed Robbery.



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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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