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Bhu Swaraj

Land is the most important element of agriculture and food production. As the availability of land is limited by nature and by political boundaries, land use has to be equitable and sustainable. The Indian Government, capitulating to pressures by World Bank, W.T.O. and multinational corporations, is abandoning land reform, removing land ceiling, and allowing the sale of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes. Corporations involved in floriculture and aquaculture are buying up land from dalits and marginal farmers to earn tax benefits and subsidies in the name of exports. Export-oriented Industrial aquaculture also ruins adjacent agricultural lands, forcing the farmers to sell the land to corporations for a pittance. Giant seed companies like Monsanto-Mahyco-Cargill Seeds push new technologies that force farmers to use more and more chemicals, driving the farmer deeper into debt and finally to suicide, and at the same time, devastating the soil. Increasing landlessness is leading to increased migration, increased unemployment, and increased hunger, malnutrition, disease and death.

Together, we can halt this catastrophe.

Protect Land Sovereignty and Community Rights to Biodiversity.

Join the Lok Swaraj Movement to resist globalisation and assert people's sovereignty.


Some suggested actions

  • Resist changes in land laws that allow sale of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes
  • Resist changes in land laws that remove land ceiling
  • Set up Bhumi Panchayats to decide how land in your region is to be shared equitably, especially with women, dalits and the landless.
  • Declare the soil of your region chemical free – take a vow not to use seeds and grow crops that demand chemical.




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