Press release - World Biodiversity Day 22nd May - Dr Vandana Shiva

On World Biodiversity Day Book on “Annam, Food as Health” was released which shows the connection between biodiversity, organic food and health


New Delhi, 22 May 17: On the occasion of World Biodiversity Day, Navdanya will pay tribute to late Minister for Environment and Forests Shri Anil Madhav Dave and we will also release a new book, “Annam, Food as Health” which shows the connection between biodiversity, organic food and health.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr Vandana Shiva, Founder-Director, Navdanya said, “Nature has given us abundance. She has given enough to nourish every soul. On the occasion of the World Biodiversity Day, I would first thank our farmers, our pollinators, our women who have worked to keep biodiversity alive on our fields and in our forests.


Navdanya is celebrating 30 years of our work to conserve biodiversity and put biodiversity at the centre of the sustainable and equitable economic model. We have defended farmers’ rights and kept seeds in farmers’ hands through building more than 120 Community Seed Banks.


Through biodiversity based agro-ecological organic farming, we have increased nutrition and shown that it is possible to feed two India’s through biodiversity intensive systems of farming which are free of chemicals and GMOs. We do not need GMO rice, our biodiversity can provide not just enough Vit A , but all other trace elements and minerals we need for a balanced diet, health and well being .


Biodiverse organic farming has also helped farmers increase their net incomes by two to 100 times by getting rid of unnecessary expenditure on costly seeds and chemicals and by growing real food, with nutrition, taste and quality instead of nutritionally empty commodities for which farmers are paid low prices.


To reverse biodiversity erosion and the agrarian crisis to stop farmers’ suicides caused by debt, Navdanya started "Fibres of Freedom" based on organic cotton and other natural fibres.


On World Biodiversity Day 2017 Navdanya is also launching Ruh-e-Navdanya.  Ruh is the soul, the spirit. With our efforts to promote essential and aromatic oils, we are committing ourselves to rejuvenate the soul of India based on diversity, harmony , well being .


India has a rich and ancient history in growing plants for health, healing and aromatic therapy. Ruh-e-Navdanya will both rejuvenate the biodiversity of aromatic plants and the knowledge of India’s indigenous tradition of healing, while creating new opportunities for small farmers to increase their incomes while conserving and rejuvenating biodiversity.


Dr Vandana Shiva stressed that "The the only way to celebrate biodiversity, is have biodiversity in our farms, our gardens and in on our thalis. To make sure that the millions of years of evolution is not destroyed and commodified, we should promote and use local biodiversity products, eat biodiversity and think in diverse ways to make Vasudeva Kutumbhakam our world view. On this day, we should take a pledge to protect our Earth, our biodiversity and our Earth family,” she added.


The Launch of Ruh -e -Navdanya will take place at Navdanya Cafe, Food Stall No 18, Dilli Haat. We invite you to stay for a biodiversity dinner, Grishma Ritu Bhoj.


Please confirm your presence.


For more details please contact:


Indra Shekhar, 9910589556


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