Press Statement on Bt. Brinjal & GM Foods
January 12, 2010

 PRESS STATEMENTon Bt. Brinjal and GM Foods


Bt. Brinjal was approved for commercial planting under pressure of the Agriculture Minitry as acknowledged by the Chair of EC-II, the panel that gave the approval. GMO crops are facing increasing resistance from citizens and increasing calls for caution from the scientific community. As a result of this controversy, the Environment Ministry is organizing a series of public hearings on Bt. Brinjal.

Dr. Vandana Shiva...

Celebrating 100 years of Gandhi's Hind Swaraj

100 people from 14 countries gathered in Delhi from 19th -22nd November to reflect on 100 years of Gandhi's Hind Swaraj, the Freedom Manifesto and to understand and examine what freedom means in our times. A declaration on Swaraj for indigenous people was also issued.


A course on Gandhi and Globalization started at Bija Vidyapeeth /Navdanya, Dehradun from 24th November. 39 students from 9 countries from different parts of the world are attending the course.

PRESS STATEMENT (November 17, 2009) IIC New Delhi
Climate Change in the Himalaya

The Government fiddles while glaciers melt, springs dry and crops fail

Navdanya / Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology have carried out an in depth participatory study with local communities in the Himalaya on the impact of climate change. These have been supplemented by studies by experts. These studies were presented at the National Conference on Climate Change in the Himalaya organised by Navdanya / Research Foundation for Science...

Navdanya / RFSTE released a book and screened a new documentary film on Climate Change in Himalaya
Navdanya released a new book on "Climate Change at the Third Pole" on 17th November 09, in the inaugral session of the National Conference on Climate Change, held in the Auditorium of India International Center and screened a new documentary film 'The Third pole : Impct of Climate change in the Himalaya' in the concluding session of the conference.

To order the book and a film please email us at : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Navdanya / RFSTE released a book  and screened a new...

Navdanya Organizes Millet Festival at Dilli Haat from 1st-16th October 2009
Eat Better Save Water

Millets, the nutritious, water prudent crops have been marginalized and called coarse and inferior grains. For the last 20 years, Navdanya has been conserving and promoting these forgotten foods. From 1st of Oct to 16th Oct (World Food Day) Navdanya has organized a millets festival to promote these precious foods as Foods of the Future that address both the nutritional and climate crisis.



For delicious millet food visit Navdanya outlet in Dilli Haat : Shop...

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