गांधी एवं वैष्वीकरण कार्यक्रम के लिए देहरादून में विष्वभर के लोग एकजुट
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Seed is the basis of agriculture; the means of production and the basis of farmers’ livelihoods. In less than two decades, cotton seed has been snatched from the hands of Indian farmers by Monsanto, displacing local varieties, introducing GMO Bt cotton seeds and coercing extravagant royalties from farmers. Since Monsanto’s entry into India in 1998, the price of cotton seeds has increased by almost 80,000% (from ₹5 – ₹9/KG to ₹ 1600 for 450 gms). 300,000 Indian farmers have...

A-Z of Agroecology & Organic Farming Systems
15th September - 15th October 2016
Earth University, Navdanya Conservation Farm, Dehradun


An opportunity to spend a month at Navdanya's beautiful Bija Vidyapeeth learning from the Earth, biodiversity, farmers & agro-ecologists on creating agroecological systems for the health of the planet and the people.

Faculty: Dr.Vandana Shiva, Andre Leu, Dr.Gilles-Eric Seralini, Jerome Douzelet, Dr.Mira Shiva, Dr.Av Singh, Dr.Salvatore Ceccarelli, Marilyn McHugh and Chris Kennedy

Policy Dialogue on Anna Swaraj 2020: A Vision for the Future of India’s Food and Farming Systems
Date:       12th March, 2016

Venue :   India International Centre , Main Building , Conference Hall No. - II

Time :      09:30 am - 2: 00 pm


Dear Friends,


Navdanya was established 30 years ago to defend our seed sovereignty and food sovereignty in the face of threats from global corporations. Two decades of neoliberal corporate global liberalisation have degraded Indian farms and foods, pushed more than 300,000 Indian farmers to suicide, flooded our markets with imports...

DAL Swaraj Yatra
To celebrate the International Year of Pulses,Navdanya launched a Dal Swaraj Yatra on 4th of February 2016. In a brief span of 12 days, we travelled through five districts across Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh during one of the worst droughts in the past 50 years.  During the Yatra we met 3000 farmers, 400 students and spread awareness about organic dals to 15000 people spread over 60 villages. Beside the lectures, we also distributed 300 kgs of desi organic dal seeds of arhar, moong and...

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“Annam Food as Health

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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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