Activist slams Coca-Cola's hygiene training for street vendors

Criticising the move by India's food regulator to join hands with Coca-Cola to teach street vendors about hygiene, a green body today said the contract should be cancelled as it was against the country's interests.

"First, we as citizens of have the right to know on what basis this contract was allotted to Coca-Cola. Given their past record how did this corporation be given the contract?" said Vandana Shiva, founder of 'Navdanya' under Mahila Anna Swaraj Network.

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West Bengal Field Visit 2017
March 2017: Navdanya team visited the district of Medinapore & Hooghli, West Bengal. Farmers from 15 villages actively participated in dialogue on the economic and health crises they face. Chemical farming is slowly destroying their local seeds,  food diversity, and  traditional farming techniques.

Navdanya in agreement with the farmers came together through the week to pledge towards a life free from poisons in our seed, food and land. We held sessions on seed making, multiplication...

In Sikkim, a crop of young entrepreneurs is leading the charge for a shift to organic farming
Decades after farmers on India’s plains flocked to the Green Revolution, reliant on chemical fertilisers to drive agricultural growth, the northeast Himalayan state of Sikkim is trying its luck with organic farming – a pull for young, green-minded entrepreneurs who could help get the produce to market.

Last year, Sikkim was declared 100% organic by the government, while across the country, organic farming is growing rapidly.

India has the world’s highest number of organic producers at...

Workshop on making safe and natural colors at Navdanya's Living Foods Center
Date : 25 February 2017

Time : 12:00pm - 1.30pm

Venue : A 61 Hauz Khas, Ground Floor, New Delhi

RSVP : 011-26968077, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Charges : Rs. 2000

Come and join Navdanya in celebrating ecological Holi with biodiversity based colours that will neither harm their health nor the Earth that sustains us.Our innovative team will teach you how to make natural colours at

"Navdanya Living Food Centre",

* Place your orders in advance for celebrating a safe and ecological Holi, as gifts...

Free trade: A corporate scam
Freedom” has become such a contested term. When we, as people, use freedom we refer to people’s freedom to live, earn livelihood, to have access to vital resources like food, water, seed, land, health, education, knowledge, work, creativity, communication, etc.


Large corporations define freedom as “free trade”, which is corporate globalisation. The freedom of corporations and their masked owners is misused to destroy the Earth’s ecological fabric — the fabric of people’s...

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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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