Free trade: A corporate scam
Freedom” has become such a contested term. When we, as people, use freedom we refer to people’s freedom to live, earn livelihood, to have access to vital resources like food, water, seed, land, health, education, knowledge, work, creativity, communication, etc.


Large corporations define freedom as “free trade”, which is corporate globalisation. The freedom of corporations and their masked owners is misused to destroy the Earth’s ecological fabric — the fabric of people’s...

Gandhi, Globalisation & Gross National Happiness (GNH ): 29 October- 9 November 2017
From violence to non-violence; From Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Globalisation as the dominant project of our time is being rejected everywhere. Brexit, the US election are examples of the rejection of the world of free trade and globalisation. The choice we face for a post globalisation world is whether society will retreat into narrow walls based on cultural differences, the rule of hate and the rule of violence or humanity will evolve to its highest...

A-Z of Agroecology & Organic Food Systems 1- 30 September 2017
Each of us whether we are farmers or eaters faces a choice between two systems. One is a system based on globalised cooperate control, chemicals and poisons, GMO and patent monopolies & fossil fuels which is contributing to 75% of the planets ecological destruction, wiping the livelihoods of small farmers and family farms and creating an epidemic of food style diseases. The second food system is based on strong vibrant local economies, ecological processes that rejuvenate our soil...

Beware of digital dictatorship
As 2017 begins and we flounder in our mad rush to force all of India into a digital economy overnight, it is worth pausing and reflecting on what the digital economy is, who controls the platforms and lines as well as some basic concepts about money and technology which have moulded our lives and freedoms, based on patented systems that are failing the people of “West”. Obsolete systems are moulding our patterns of work and our wellbeing — as a very large country, and as an ancient...

We Spoke to Vandana Shiva About the Future of Food

In the splendid auditorium of the India International Centre (a 1960s building commissioned by India’s first Prime Minister, it has much in common in both design and the crowd it attracts with London’s Barbican Centre), Vandana Shiva is introducing the final act of Bhoomi 2016, the annual festival held by her seed bank organisation Navdanya.

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“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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