Introduction to Navdanya

Navdanya is a movement for Earth Democracy based on the philosophy of 'Vasudhaiv  Kutumbakam' (The Earth as one Family). We protect the India's biodiversity based food heritage through Bija Swaraj,  Ann Swaraj, Bhu Swaraj and Gyan swaraj.

Through 'Bija Swaraj' we have created 122 Community Seed Banks in 18 states of India and Bhutan. We distributed the seeds of hope to the farmers after disasters like Odisha Super Cyclone, Tsunami, Floods in Uttarakhand, Phailin in Odisha and Nepal earthquake disaster.

Through 'Anna Swaraj' we help farmers and consumers through awareness of benefits of local, fresh organic nutritious food and training and harm to the health from Chemicals which are destroying biodiversity, trapping farmers in to the debt and suicides and spreading diseases epidemics in society.  Our new campaign on Food Smart Cities connects the City to the country side through healthy and safe food.

Through 'Bhu Swaraj' we are  committed to protect the living Soil - our mother Earth, our identity, the basis of our life and our livelihoods. We keep our soil healthy and fertile through organic and agroecological practices. We are also committed to keep our mother earth free from hazardous agrichemicals that not only pollute but also destroy the soil food web, the very basis of soil health.

Bija Vidyapeeth Campus

Through 'Gyan Swaraj' we promote knowledge democracy, knowledge sovereignty and scientific research on biodiversity, agro-ecology and climate change highlighting the contribution of diverse species to our agriculture production and food security.

We have challenged the biopiracy of our traditional knowledge and indigenous biodiversity and won the cases related to Neem, Basmati and Wheat. We have n ongoing  campaign challenging the biopiracy of climate resistant crops which our farmers have bred for tolerance to drought, flood and salinity .

To spread ecological awareness and to learn how to live in harmony with nature Navdanya s created 'Navdanya Javik Ashram' Navdanya Biodiversity Farm where people come and attend courses and training program t the learning center Bija Vidyapeeth / Earth University:

We also facilitate Earth Journeys and ecotours to connect urban and rural communities for promotion of ecological healthy living and growing and eating organic food through creating livelihood opportunities for the small and marginal farmers.


“Annam Food as Health

“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

“NO MORE BHOPAL” Call for Organic India

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Bija Swaraj is our Birthright


A to Z 2016

The Mango Festival, Amrapali

Monsanto Vs Indian Farmers

 Earth Journeys to explore Indian Biodiversity and Food Heritage

Dal Yatra 2016

Sarson Satyagraha

Seed Satyagraha (Civil Disobedience to End SeedSlavery)

Sugarcane Festival

Food Smart Citizens for Food Smart Cities

Seed Freedom

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